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CodeIgniter\Log and multiple handlers

(This post was last modified: 10-18-2019, 03:10 PM by dave friend.)

(10-18-2019, 01:39 PM)kilishan Wrote: Not sure exactly what you mean. It already supports multiple loggers that can be [set up] Angel to log individual log levels. What tweaks were you thinking?

Primarily moving  the handler configs into distinct classes and changing the $handlers property of Config\Logger\Logger to simply be the list of handlers that are executed, e.g.

PHP Code:
public $handlers = [
    'CodeIgniter\Log\Handlers\FileHandler' => 'Config\Logger\Handlers\FileHandler',
    // The ChromeLoggerHandler requires the use of the Chrome web browser
    // and the ChromeLogger extension. Uncomment the next line to use it.
    'CodeIgniter\Log\Handlers\ChromeLoggerHandler' => 'Config\Logger\Handlers\ChromeLoggerHandler'

The key is obvious (I think) and the value is the config file for the handler class. There's probably a better way to supply the
handler config and I would really like some feedback on the above.

A question: What's the usefulness in having CodeIgniter\Log\Logger::log() return a boolean? I don't see the return as a problem, but I also don't see the point. I cannot find where the return is used anywhere in the core or the App namespace. I was thinking of changing the return to void.

I don't think CodeIgniter\Log\Logger will require much refactoring. However, I was wondering if it might be easier to instantiate the handlers in the constructor. Then when it came time to run Logger::log() all you have to do is iterate through the list of cached handler instances calling handle() on each in turn.

Oh, and I would not stop processing the handler list if one of them returns false.

I started exploring the Logger to see about handling Logger Path Duplicated #2286 and now I'm in up to my elbows. Big Grin

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