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Proper way for minimal translation of CI4

I have started translation of Codeigniter 4 and I see that much of what I am translating is basically useless. For languages with small speaker base, like Lithuanian, all the PHP development happens in English, and much of the messages I am translating are never shown to users - they are seen only by developers. An example: language file HTTP.php contains strings like:

Quote:'cannotParseURI'            => 'Unable to parse URI: {0}',
  'segmentOutOfRange'          => 'Request URI segment is our of range: {0}',
  'invalidPort'                => 'Ports must be between 0 and 65535. Given: {0}',
  'malformedQueryString'      => 'Query strings may not include URI fragments.',

These are not messages that would make any sense to a site user; they are directed at a developer, and translating these strings would actually make the messages less inteligible, as most developers would have to translate the word I use for "segment" back to English before they understand what is meant.

So I have decided I will only translate the messages that the end user will be seeing, like the Validation.php, Email.php and the like.

Now, how do I properly do that? Should I include all files in Codeigniter translation but only translate files/strings that I want, leaving the rest in English? Or should I only include in the translation the files that I do translate? if I translate only part of a file, is it ok to leave only those strings that I have translated, deleting the rest?

I do not yet have a working CI4 installation to test how the system would react to various versions of partial translation, so if anyone could help me with that, I would be grateful.

Donatas G.

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