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CSP Error in toolbarloader.js.php (updated)

(This post was last modified: 10-26-2019, 05:16 PM by AcidSlide.)

Hi there,

I'm testing the latest version of CodeIgniter 4 (created new project using composer), and hit a snag immediately after enabling CSP.  And I have been searching for the answer for a couple of hours already.

I had like 60+ CSP errors in the console, but most of them was due to Grammarly plugin (as somebody mention it in stackoverflow) in Chrome so I uninstalled it. And now I'm down to 1 (one) error in CSP.

Here is a screenshot: https://pasteboard.co/IDPAxct.png (i am not sure on how to embedded a picture here..)

and it was pointing to this code (in toolbarloader.js.php)

            // check for last style block
                let PosBeg = responseText.indexOf( '>', responseText.lastIndexOf( '<style' ) ) + 1;
                let PosEnd = responseText.indexOf( '</style>', PosBeg );
                document.getElementById( 'debugbar_dynamic_style' ).innerHTML += responseText.substr( PosBeg, PosEnd - PosBeg );
                responseText = responseText.substr( 0, PosBeg + 8 );

            toolbar.innerHTML = responseText; <-- points to this, line 50 in the file
            if (typeof ciDebugBar === 'object') {

I am not sure how to proceed to make sure the CSP error won't generate.

Will somebody please point me to the right direction in fixing the CSP error?

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CSP Error in toolbarloader.js.php (updated) - by AcidSlide - 10-26-2019, 01:13 PM

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