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BaseController and controller documentation mismatch


sorry, but it is not the intention to start here a big debate, I just want to clarify some things.

It is true that a lot of URL are lowercase but they do not have to be. If you like to follow PSR-1, then just name the URL http://myURL.com/MyController/MyFirstParameter.

The myURL.com part is case-insensitive. So, you may also write it myurl.com. But "...MyController/MyFirstParameter" is case-sensitive and not identical with "...mycontroller/myfirstparameter".

I do not see any need why CodeIgniter manipulates the URL.

If somebody likes to have the functionality of manipulating the URL, a flag might do the job. Otherwise, the URL should stay as it is. That's my opinion but I also see that this cannot be change anymore. Unless, you put a (new) flag in the configuration options that disables the URL manipulation. Then, everybody can name the directories and names as he/she likes.

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