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CI 4.0.3 is releasing soon - help wanted

Quote:"I may be wrong, but the impression I have is that fundamentally the framework is developed almost exclusively in the creation of blogs."

I can almost bet that your website is a blog.
I wouldn't say 'exclusively' in the creation of blogs.  Neither my site, nor any of the six sites I've built in various CodeIgniter versions have been blogs. 

Quote:"Are you saying that you'd rather CodeIgniter force you into a specific CSS framework?"

No, I was just calling attention to the fact that the default template 'defaut_simple' is listed vertically, which is quite unusual, fine if you don't care about the aesthetics of your work. I worry, so ..
Why do you think it's unusual?  HTML lists are very commonly used as the starting point of horizontal pagination.  Here's a few examples in different CSS frameworks, and you'll notice that each of them use an HTML (vertical) list:

Quote:"Likewise, the page numbering default is query parameter instead of URI segment."

If you have read all the text you must have seen that there is an instruction in the manual to change from query to segment, but at least for me the instruction is not clear how and where.
That's only if you're using makeLinks, and to be honest I haven't needed to try that yet.  I could be wrong, but from what you've mentioned so far, it doesn't sound like you need to either.  Just set the $pager->setSurroundCount(5) value that you need

Quote:"Obviously the forum DOESN'T USE CODEIGNITER."

Wrong!!! Whether the administration decided to use software to manage the forum is something else. 
My statement on this was simply saying that the forum software is MyBB, and does not use anything related to the CodeIgniter development framework.  Yes, it's part of the CodeIgniter website that we're viewing, but comparing the forum to the development framework is simply not valid.  Aesthetically they could make it look similar, but it is not the same product.

Quote:I am an old man, 70, and I feel privileged to be able to debate with young people, I suppose, like you. Learning to learn, always.
That's great!  My dad is 76, and he has a hard time learning new things.  I try to show him some of the work that I do, but.... he's not interested.  Smile

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