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[SOLVED] CI4 Pagination don't work fine

(This post was last modified: 06-24-2020, 01:14 AM by rodrigo76.)

Hi to all,

i use CI 4.0.3 and I read CI4 documentation : https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/libra...ation.html

This is my controller:

PHP Code:
<?php namespace App\Controllers;

use App\Models\TenantModel;

class TenantsCtrlComunica extends BaseController
    public function __construct(){
        $pager = \Config\Services::pager();
        $this->TenantModel = new TenantModel();
    public function index()
        $data = [
            'tenants'   => $this->TenantModel->paginate(3),
            'pager'     => $this->TenantModel->pager,
        echo view('tenants_list', $data);

This is my model :

PHP Code:
<?php namespace App\Models;


TenantModel extends Model
    protected $table      'tenant_table';
    protected $primaryKey 'id_tenant';
    protected $returnType     'object';
    protected $useSoftDeletes false;
    protected $allowedFields = ['name''enabled''keys''description'];
    protected $useTimestamps true;
    protected $createdField  null;
    protected $updatedField  null;
    protected $deletedField  null;

In my php Page I wrote this:
PHP Code:
<?= $pager->links()?>

BUT, in my web page I watch only an "1" (I attached an image); this is the HTML rendered by previous code:

PHP Code:
ul class="pagination">
li class="active"> <a href="http://comunica.local:888/public/tenants?page=1"</a> </li>

In my database I have 12 records and if I play with pagination's params I see different records.

Where I am wrong? Huh Huh

Many thanks for your help!


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