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mkdir and fopen not creating files

(09-17-2020, 04:30 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: For one take off the ending slash it's not needed.

Ive deleted the ending slash.

Ive solved some of my problems, but not all.

If I comment out the form_validation & shift loadview below the mkdir I can get the directories to create the way I want.

That tells me that there is nothing wrong with the user variables, and either the "form_validation" or the "else" is at fault but I havent yet found which one because the photos do not upload nor does the create_advert function work.

Ive tried inserting into various places
PHP Code:
but nothing.

Ive tried encasing the form_validation with curly brackets {....} but that doesnt help.

If I comment out the photos upload and create_advert and have form_validation with mkdir only, the directories still dont create, which tells me the problem is not associated with the photos upload or the create_advert.

Ive tried commenting out the upload of photos to see if the create_advert function works but it doesnt, in fact that process distorts the textareas but altering the view page may fix that.

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