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Report page with multiple Parts/Sections

(10-26-2020, 10:21 AM)FlavioSuar Wrote: Hi, sorry if I'm too noobie in my answer... :-)

I recently found halfmoon, wich could be great for a one-page-with-a-save-button solution: "Halfmoon is a responsive front-end framework that is great for building dashboards and tools. Built-in dark mode, full customizability using CSS variables (around 1,500 variables, learn more), optional JavaScript library (no jQuery), Bootstrap like classes, and cross-browser compatibility (including IE11)."
See the documentation for collapse and collapse-group (https://www.gethalfmoon.com/docs/collapse/)... I think you could use collapse-groups for the main parts, with collapse-groups inside for the Sub parts, with the questions inside...
And at the end, just use a "Save" button wich submit all the answers to CodeIgniter...
Just my 0.02
Hope this helps!!

[add] I did a test using the 2 collapse-panel from the documentation page as the Main Parts and inside the collapse-content I used the collapse-group as the Sub parts. Then, inside the collapse-content of the collapse-group, I put 2 checkboxes after the text it has, and it worked fine (to me)... the Main parts have a space between, and the Sub parts don't[add]

Thank you

I will have a look at this , thanks for suggesting

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