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Why is Code Igniter not recommended??

(01-02-2021, 12:25 AM)FelixCaleb Wrote: I have been checking out Code Igniter recently and it seems incredibly easy to get an idea going very quickly with little work.
I have primarily been learning Symfony and haven't looked at Code Igniter mainly because there seemed to be a mass consensus that something like Laravel/Symfony etc would be better but I decided to checkout it again and was pleased with the experience. Its simplicity is a real plus point for me.
What are the reasons that Code Igniter might not be recommended?
Well as the saying goes. "If the only tool you've is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail". People get religiously devoted to frameworks and they will do everything with it, even projects that can be done well with other frameworks. Look closely at the CI philosophy. "It's a lightweight framework". Where can you best use it? When creating projects to deploy on shared hosting environments. That's why WordPress is so popular with freelancers and web hosting companies. Laravel & Symfony are best deployed on dedicated cloud instances. Myself am a Laravel developer and I've deployed projects on Digital Ocean, Linode & AWS but last week as I was wondering what to use for a project to be used in shared hosting(I don't want to write vanilla PHP anymore & I'm not so familiar with WordPress to create a plugin). I checked CodeIgniter and I'm impressed by version 4. I maybe spinning an opensource project soon. My target is small businesses and freelancers utilizing constrained bandwidths and hosting space.

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