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Making data available in ALL views

(06-15-2021, 12:48 PM)paulkd Wrote:
(06-15-2021, 07:18 AM)SoccerGuy3 Wrote: Thanks everyone for the help. Just needed a push in the right direction. Somewhat new to CI and the community support is great.
Now that it is working/returning data, I wonder if there is a better way to return the data. In my view file I am using:
<?= siteInfo()['leads']; ?>

In my helper file:

if (! function_exists('siteinfo')) {

function siteinfo()
$leadModel = new \App\Models\LeadsModel();
$leads = $leadModel ->where('status != "Closed"')

$custModel = new \App\Models\CustomersModel();
$custs = $custModel ->where('status_customer != "Closed"')

$data = array(
'leads' => $leads,
'customers' => $custs,

return $data;
Any suggestions to make that more efficient or easier to access? Always looking to learn new ways!

Personally, I wouldn't use a helper for what you are doing. I would have the model/database instantiation in a controller that will display the view (or possibly a base controller). The $data would be passed into the view as normal.

As stated back at the beginning, the helper made the most sense as I need it on every page and trying to put it into every controller just is a waste and hard to keep track of. I need the data available on every page load. Open to suggestions, but having to put it into every controller (every function?) is just not realistic for me.

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