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codeigniter4 CMS

(This post was last modified: 08-16-2021, 12:48 PM by captain-sensible. Edit Reason: corrected text )

I've put my approach to a very light CMS system i wrote on top of Codeigniter4 here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/codeigniter4cms/

Development probably here : https://notabug.org/captainsensible/codeigniter4CMS

I acknowledge all of the CI4 content etc is owned by the Codeigniter team and i make no claim to any of it. Also my intention for my written code is that it inherits the license of Codeigniter  as far as i am concerned I  put it out there for general use. If i need to add anything  such as "none official " Ci4  CMS, or based on .. to satisfy any requirements  then , thats no problem.

I more or less only just loaded it up so , still typing up - i forgot to add that for "contact us" form  to work there is some minor edit of app/controllers/Sendmail.php

I've tested it on my Linux rig and after running "composer install" cd into unzipped dir and running php spark serve , should work from the Desktop (because MySQl is not needed ).

Basically it should mostly work out of the box

So whats the main use ?

Well to my mind a generic blog web is mostly a couple of static pages and the facility to create a blog from a form, where you enter text browse to select image and then just left click submit and everything is done. Also the facility to edit or delete a blog.

people can get back to you via contact form

you can also upload, or delete images from a gallery. Login is simple . thats it in essence.

has drop down menu and is responsive to device view size. uses bootstrap as fron end. INside i have custom scss which can be changed and managed after running "grunt" .

what else yes code is not neat; needs cleaning up and I also have some (i acknowledge ) bad practice such as calling a controller from a controller -but i have had whats used running on web and at least it hasn't given me any problems nor has been hacked - it will do me for now .

Also i warn you the download is circa 7 MB

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