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logging db actions via model events and id problem

(This post was last modified: 01-12-2022, 12:56 PM by dgvirtual.)

I am implementing a database writes log for my app through the Codeigniter 4 Model events ($afterInsert, $afterUpdate and $afterDelete). Each log entry (the log resides in a separate database table) should include info on (1) the database table,  (2) the row inserted/updated/deleted, (3) action type and  (4) the serialized content of update/insert.
So, for example, after each db update a callback function log_db_update($data) is invoked, which is supplied by the $data array, that normally should include, to quote the manual:

Quote:id = the array of primary keys of the rows being updated.
data = the key/value pairs being updated.
= the results of the update() method used through the Query Builder.
Now, the problem is, I do not always get the id for the hook when I update (or when I delete).
If the update code finds the data to update by id, let's say:
PHP Code:
then I do  get the id of the updated row for the callback function. However, in many cases my update statements look like this: 
PHP Code:
And then instead of an id of the updated row I get null value in the $data array that is passed to the callback function. Needless to say, it is not useful for my purposes.
I see I can only do one thing: rewrite the update statements into find & update statements, like this:
PHP Code:
$entry $watchesModel->where('date'$date)->first();
But that would be a painful refactoring of my code, not to mention the probable performance deterioration (in the case of my app it would not be noticeable at all, but that should be a consideration).
So, I have two questions:
1. Is there a better way to get what I want?
2. Is this behaviour of hooks something that I should report as a bug or "needs improvement" thing for the team developing Codeigniter? Or would changing this behaviour be too much to ask for (and if so, why)?

Donatas G.

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