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membership website codeigniter

(11-14-2022, 10:11 PM)KamaalJema Wrote: i heard CodeIgniter is the most easy to understand and i don't have more than 2 weeks to complete the task.

As you are starting from scratch, two weeks sound like much too little...

(11-14-2022, 10:11 PM)KamaalJema Wrote: my questions is :

if the dooid build up with codeigniter, how could i make a function that allows people choosing their direct url. i mean, if i have a class "User" and there is a "show" method that need "username" as a parameter. the URL should seems like this one:

how could they make a their own url like this one:

i plan to restrict some "method" guest and it will be enabled when user login into site. i mean if i have a class "user" there is a "edit_profiles" method. guest can see the "show" method but logged in users will be able to "edit_profiles" after login. on the same class.

For access restriction, you will need login and user management libraries, like IonAuth or Shield, then use credentials checks in each controller or do that through filters (even using routes). To access a controller method at a url that does not exactly include the controller and method names you have to use the routing feature. Read the documentation...

(11-14-2022, 10:11 PM)KamaalJema Wrote: can you tell me how the CodeIgniter session library class concept? i confused with native session php. is there anybody that can show me some links contains session class tutorial that (deleted 5 links)

Now, this last part makes it look like your post was all spam, none of the links point to anything useful... ? sorry to have wasted my time.

Donatas G.

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