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Burner - CodeIgniter4 High Performance Server Library

(This post was last modified: 04-23-2023, 12:14 AM by monkenWu.)

(04-22-2023, 12:35 PM)demyr Wrote: Hi! Great effort again.

Trying to understand: You had prepared CodeIgniter-4 Roadrunner before you prepared CodeIgniter-4 Burner and now with the help of this new Burner we can work with roadrunner easily because it handles any settings of Roadrunner for us? Is this correct?

Actually, I asked it under your roadrunner thread before but is it possible for you to make a few videos about this?


Yes, before developing Burner, I developed the integration of CodeIgniter4 and RoadRunner. In the original version, worker.php was separate from the library itself (you had to publish the latest worker to the project root with the init command) and there was no command integration.

In Burner, you only need to pay attention to the rr.yml configuration file in the project root directory. Although you still need to refer to the official manual for setup, most of the work is already done for you during library initialization (e.g., worker location generation, log location assignment).

Burner tries to provide a consistent command interface for these high-performance servers, and in most cases you only need to remember
php spark burner:startĀ 
php spark burner:stopĀ 

At the framework integration level, Burner converts PSR-7 HTTP requests from RoadRunner to CodeIgniter4 HTTP requests and handles the logic that requires special conversions such as Session, Cookies, File Uploads, CI4 Service Singleton, etc. and finally notifies CodeIgniter4 to process the request. When the CodeIgniter4 processing cycle is over, the request is converted back to a PSR-7 HTTP object and finally passed to the client via RoadRunner.

Regarding the video you mentioned. What you want to know is the actual details of how Burner is integrated, or what we need to know in development?

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