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Session expires or doesn't get set?

The timezone difference may indeed be the problem. I had experienced a similar issue and I solved it by doing this in config.php:

$config['time_reference'] = 'GMT';

My problem was that the CI session got reset after about 3 minutes.

As you probably know, cookie lifetimes depends on both the server and the client agreeing on what time it is, and when they don't strange things happen. I can only guess that this is what was happening to me.

Another, less elegant, solution that also worked for me was to set "sess_time_to_update" to a value that will cover the time shift. But since you cannot predict what the shift may be between the server and an arbitrary user, you would have to enter a very big value.

So, setting time_reference to GMT really seems to be the most reliable way of solving this, at least in my case.

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