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CI 4.4.0 modules shared services not working

Hi guys,
Long story short:
I have multiple modules. Base module has Alert class which collects all system messages while loading through Controller, Models, logic etc.
That is why i need shared instance functionality and Services was perfect for that.
At the controller end, when layout view loads, i want to print all collected messages on a screen.

This approach did work in CodeIgniter 4.3.7 version. Just did upgrade to 4.4.0 and this does not work anymore.

Below is simplified code to catch the idea

PHP Code:
class Modules extends BaseModules
    public $enabled true;

    public $aliases = [

PHP Code:
class Autoload extends AutoloadConfig
    public $psr4 = [
        APP_NAMESPACE => APPPATH// For custom app namespace
        'Config'      => APPPATH 'Config',
        'Modules'    => ROOTPATH 'Modules'// my custom modules

PHP Code:
use Modules\Base\Libraries\Alert;

Services extends BaseService
    public static function Alert(bool $getShared true): Alert
        if ($getShared) {
            return static::getSharedInstance('Alert') ?? new Alert();

        return new Alert();

PHP Code:
namespace Modules\Base\Libraries;

    public array $messages = [];

    public function set(string $typestring $message): void
        $this->messages[] = ['type' => $type'message' => $message];

    public function getMessages(): array
        return $this->messages;

PHP Code:
class BaseController extends Controller
    public Alert $alert;

    public function initController(RequestInterface $requestResponseInterface $responseLoggerInterface $logger)
        $this->alert = \Modules\Base\Config\Services::Alert(); // load shared isntance. In real life this is the 1st isntance

        $this->alert->set('danger''This message will show in red!');


response is empty "service(...) null"

Anywhere in frontend layout views i want to display potential system messages and shared instance is null

PHP Code:
ErrorCall to a member function getMessages() on null 

As far as i understand, Services can load class outside of App\Config\Services scope but can't keep it or recognize as shared instance for multiple use down the code

Am i missing anything? Any ideas? Suggestions?

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