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localize databases with working searching and ordering?

Ok, rewrote the query myself using CTE (which is unfortunatelly not supported by QueryBuilder)

'with translated as (
select id, CASE
WHEN colors.name = "Colors.black" THEN "' . lang('Colors.black') . '"
WHEN colors.name = "Colors.blue" THEN "' . lang('Colors.blue') . '"
WHEN colors.name = "Colors.green" THEN "' . lang('Colors.green') . '"
ELSE colors.name
END AS tname from colors)
SELECT *, translated.tname from routes
JOIN colors ON colors.id = routes.color_id
JOIN translated ON translated.id = colors.id
WHERE tname like "%' . $searchterm . '%"'
How does it work? It creates dynamically an additional column with translated color names for the ~10 predefined/hardcoded colors, user defined colors are kept untranslated (assuming, the user uses its native language anyway), tables are joined and the dynamic column is searched for the translated colorname. Smile

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RE: localize databases with working searching and ordering? - by Kimotu - 06-12-2024, 12:19 AM

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