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So basically I've had this idea for a website for a while, which I think would be really great. It would be very useful to me and I could imagine a lot of others finding it really useful too, and surprisingly there is nothing else out there really like it. It's complicated to make though!

I'm going to keep the idea to myself for now. Which I know is probably ridiculous and everybody who ever comes up with an idea for a website probably fantasizes about it being as big as facebook, and when they finish it no one gives a crap. But just humor my delusions please!

I'm trying to decide on whether to use CodeIngiter or Laravel.

I've learned the basics of php, mysql. And I've made games in javascript for a while. I've also made a couple of games in java. But the most complicated website I've made is a one page website.

I've looked into Laravel and I can't even get it up and running. There is just so much I don't know all at once I don't know even how to get my foot in the door. The other day I was horrified when I was trying to work out how to install the software that installs the software that installs Laravel! Also I'm on shared hosting that doesn't even use a late enough version of php to use it, so I would have to go to digital ocean.

Then there is code igniter. A frame work with instructions that makes sense and doesn't miss things out! A few months ago I had a play about with it and it was fun. I started making a little blog, and it was all going slowly but fine. I got bored. Because I don't want to make a blog, I want to get straight to making my website.

But if I use code igniter am I just delaying the real learning? Am I just taking the easy way out? Maybe I should make a simple version of my site, which doesn't have all the features that the end product would have, so just me and my friends could use it. But then am I just delaying the inevitable of being confused about installing a more complicated framework?

I'm just rambling really.

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Make a list of the top things Laravel will give you over CodeIgniter. If those things are important, go with Laravel. If the only thing you can come up with is "Laravel is the new hot framework" then I'd probably stick with CodeIgniter.

Write good code and it probably won't take you much time to port it to another framework in the future if you need to.

When your idea takes off and becomes the next Facebook or Twitter and you are forced to move to a more robust server platform to handle the enormous amount of requests, if you were going to move to another platform other than CodeIgniter, it would probably be Phalcon since it is faster, not Laravel which is slower: http://systemsarchitect.net/performance-...rameworks/ But at that point you can probably just kick back on your island and let your team of programmers make those decisions.

(11-18-2014, 02:51 AM)DreamOfSleeping Wrote: But if I use code igniter am I just delaying the real learning? . . . But then am I just delaying the inevitable of being confused about installing a more complicated framework?

If you mean the real learning about PHP and coding, I would say definitely not. As far as frameworks go, Code Igniter is very non-intrusive. It gives you the framework, but you still have to code everything in PHP. And one of the things I like best about Code Igniter is that it doesn't require you to learn a templating language.

About Code Igniter delaying the inevitable confusion in using a more complicated framework, I wouldn't worry about that. Who says you ever have to use a more complicated framework? People were using PHP without any framework a decade ago to create very complex websites, and there's nothing about Code Igniter that limits it to simple websites. In any case, learning Code Igniter will make moving to other frameworks less confusing.

Try to get over your cold feet. Don't get "Analysis Paralysis." Setup Code Igniter and get to work on it. Give it a month or two. Doubt is understandable, but it's not like you're getting married.  Big Grin

My 2 cents..

Start learning Codeigniter deeply than after few days, if you somehow got a chance to try laravel, you will feel that you already know Laravel. Laravel has some additional set of library which might be good for someone's job not for everyone.

Thanks for the advice guys. That's really helped me make up my mind. Code Igniter it is. I have a really good feeling about it.

The best way for your idea would be to share it with us .. haha just kidding ;o)

Laravel is a nice Framework but had a harder learning curve and needs more server work. CI gets you very fast to your goal. You are a one man show and with CI you will earn very quick results. So bring your idea with CI in extrem programming way online and if needed you can later on make a master refactoring.


(11-18-2014, 02:51 AM)DreamOfSleeping Wrote: I've looked into Laravel and I can't even get it up and running.

Isn't that pretty much the answer to your question?

Since you're new to PHP what you need first of all is clear documentation and a helping community when you get stuck.

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