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Pagination interfere in buttons

Hello everyone, one more question ,

I have a system made in codeigniter if they want to see better understanding access :


User : admin@admin.com
Password : 123456

On the menu , click on register after leaders , this screen appears and all entries appear along paging, take a test , before clicking any link paging click on new user or edit or delete will see that the modal appear normally , but after clicking on a link of the paging buttons no longer work , they work just the controller address sgi3 / leaders

That's my problem , where I went wrong and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance

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Problem is the id of the div that generates the modal , how could I pass a variable to monitor the links to the modal is called ? I believe it should be something simple but I can not ^^ .

would pass the paging of data via post? in my pagination case is being made ​​by url

Thank you all

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because my models are activated only when the controller url ? example: http://localhost/my_program/my_​​controller

but if I I trigger a paging the url changes right? example: http://localhost/my_program/my_​​control...pagination

all my models are no longer triggered.

I am very urgency to resolve this, please help me ^^

PS: I can provide the source of necessary


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Hey man,

You are using the following line to load your bootstrap js:

<script src="../sgi3/assets/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

So when you choose lideres from the menu, the path to your application is http://claranet.com.br/sgi3/lideres and the real path to the js file is http://claranet.com.br/sgi3/assets/js/bootstrap.min.js

When using the pagination, the file path of your script changes to http://claranet.com.br/sgi3/lideres/index/4.
Now the path to the js becomes http://claranet.com.br/sgi3/lideres/sgi3...rap.min.js which results in a 404 Page not found page.

Adios the ../ and use use something like
PHP Code:
<script src="<php echo base_url(); ?>assets/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script

Good luck!  Smile

yes , you are correct , that part resolved , but what about the paging ? to enter my program on the screen of leaders,


click the new leader button opens a modal , so it is with the edit button and delete , but if I click on a link in the paging url changes , example :


then the buttons do not call more the modals

I need help for that and I am urgently ^^ , just missing it so I'll continue my project ^^

Thanks for your help ^^

Oh my God

neither told the <?php base_url(); ?> on my view footer

that was it , I forgot it, rookie mistake

Thank you for your help RogerMore , did I enchergar the course haha

Resolved, everything working

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