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Web Application to use in a single PC only

Dear all,

I am new in CodeIgniter. I want to know some information from here.
If I develop a web Application by CodeIgniter and give to the specific user of that application.
I want to restrict this application to use only in a single PC by a specific user.
If any web developer who knows codeigniter, can copy and reuse to the other PC.
But I want to restrict to use in a single PC. How I can do this ?
Please help me by giving the answer

Thank You

Codeigniter or PHP doesn't have any tools on board to help you with this. You could use some external tool like ioncube to convert your code into unreadable code (obfuscate) and build in some checks to verify that your application is indeed running on the desired machine.

But if you develop for a signle user on a local machine you started out with the wrong approach, PHP is not the best tool for your situation.

Hi Bashir,

This is a complex question and one that will no doubt raise many topics.

You'll need to consider the follwing things when trying to achieve this:

1) Encrypting your codebase.
2) Signing the appliaction to a single machine.

You also need to ask yourself why you'd want to do this and is it worth your hassle?

If after all this you decide you still want to go ahead and lock down your application the way I would do this is to use a digital certificate which is generated and signed on the specific machine your looking to lock down. You can find out more about this here:


You'll then need to write some code in codeigniter by creating a library to read, check and validate the cetificate exists and is valid and furthermore can be run on the target machine. This way if the codebase is moved or copied it will not run on another machine without generating a valid certificate.

Once you've done this your then going to need to consider encrypting your codebase in order to prevent any other developers from removing the code check you've put in place to prevent the code being run on another machine. Ion auth is a good encryption product, but it does require you to have additional PHP plugins installed in order to work and their own binary compiler.

I hope this gives you some direction, personally its not a direction I'd be wanting to go down unless I wanted a whole heap of issues going forward. I.E. every time a new feature is developed, you'll need to encrypt and deploy the code again and again.

Thanks to all of you for quick response to my post Smile

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