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Hello from AR, USA

Hello everyone.

I'm new to CodeIgniter, I've been learning php for about 3 years now, and programming for 4.  I tried a couple of other php frameworks in the past, but I gave up quickly.  I decided to try again a couple of weeks ago with CI, and I have been enjoying learning it.  To be fair to the other frameworks, my coding skills were not very good at the time; but CI seems to have a better learning curve, and the documentation has been extremely helpful. 

I can't believe I've been missing all these features of a framework!  I spent countless hours writing regular expressions and other things to validate and sanitize data.  Building query strings, repetitive MySQL queries and coding "inline" I would often get confused on where to put things (Which file contains the class I need??).  I'm hoping CI can save me some time now that my projects have grown so much. 

I have a website I've been building/maintaining for years, and I'm switching the project over to CI and MVC.  I originally thought about salvaging some of the code, but I think I will just rewrite 90% of everything, although my layout and design will not change. 

Have any of you had to move a large project to a framework, or from one framework to another?  I kind of went into panic mode at first but I think "I got this" now haha. 

I hope that one day I can contribute to the CI project somehow.

Also very glad to see this forum has some real human interaction, a lot of tech forums do not.

Cheers everyone!

I had about 3 years PHP experience when I started using CodeIgniter. Before CodeIgniter I was pretty much doing all procedural code, and I'm glad I had that experience because I can actually code vs. somebody that tries to learn PHP and CodeIgniter at the same time. It's sounds like once you become familiar enough with the framework that you will start being very productive.

In regards to that big project you speak of, I think once you see how CodeIgniter will make your job easier, that big project won't seem so big anymore. Also, because CodeIgniter helps organize your code, that big project will be way more maintainable and easier to improve or add to.

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I moved a site that has multiple millions of visitors a month, doing tens of thousands of orders monthly from a legacy cart system to CI.

We still have legacy code alongside the CI code, with the right management of the htaccess, you can section off parts of the site as you convert it over so that you're not switching it all over at once (which is terrifying if it doesn't work as you'll be scrambling to resolve those issues). There is some "creative" use of the CI views, templates and cache to maintain one set of files between the legacy code and the new CI (since maintaining two sets of views would lead to bad outcomes)

So, very do-able, just do it in sections and move them over one project at a time so you're not overloaded and overwhelmed when things go wrong.

I had a similar feel when I tried Codeigniter!
I felt "wow! I can make a big site in several days, alone!". With symfony I had the opposite feeling. Without any framework I felt "no! It is not real! Too big project for me!".

Codeigniter gives more help and less limits. You have all control of all parts of site. All workflow is in your hands!
I regret only one thing - I tried Codeigniter too late... With this framework I could have more successful stories in my experience Smile

Thanks for the replies. I am glad I have the procedural experience, I couldn't have started to use CI without it. I think the real driver for switching to a framework is because maintaining has gotten so much more difficult as my website has grown.

Kaosweaver, I can't imagine doing a project like that! My website doesn't get nearly that much traffic. I only have about 50 login-users, but I do have quite a bit of content. Luckily, I can just keep the website up the way it is, and do some minor updates if needed until I get the CI swap finished.

(01-20-2018, 12:17 PM)Six_String_Coder Wrote: ... procedural experience, I couldn't have started to use CI without it. ...

You'd be surprised how many people do start using CI with what seems like zero PHP experience.

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