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The future of Codeigniter

Would really love to hear @Killishan about all this.
Codeigniter is simply one of the tools you need to learn to be a successful developer. Always add more tools to your coding arsenal!

About which part?

The original poster wasn't looking for positive answers. He seemed to be looking for a fight because his framework of choice was changing in ways he didn't like.

Did he raise some valid points. Sure. It got me thinking about the vision of the framework, which I've never sat down and defined. It's something we should all probably discuss (in a different thread of course).

I hadn't paid too much attention to CI3, honestly, since I saw that Narf would come back in every few weeks and keep it going. I don't have time to maintain all of the things, so I've posted on the forums this morning asking for a couple of new bodies to help out with the CI3 repo and keep it alive.

Signing was a requirement that Jim had put in place. I've overridden it numerous times in the past. We could probably look at removing that, though it does provide some protections against malicious commits (super rare from my experience anyway).

Admin emails - I always forget to check that since it's not setup great at the moment. I've tried getting my mail client to check it in the past and ran into blockers. I need to get that fixed so I'll actually see those. Just put it on my todo list.

New website has been in the works for a while. PaulD was leading some people on that before he left. It's making slow progress still but not nearly as active as before.

To be honest, Jim was the leader. That was a position I never really wanted to be in, but now find myself in, and have been struggling a bit with the transition. I'll admit that. I just wanted to help modernize the code base lol. I'm starting to try and pull more people into active positions to help out on all fronts because I simply don't have the bandwidth for it all right now. It's a bit overwhelming at times, when combined the rest of life, but I'm trying. Please bear with me. And everyone please feel free to step up and become more involved. That's how we succeed in open source without any business backing us.

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This guy is just lol, this video just made my day... Big Grin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7L7B5A5Kmg

(06-25-2020, 09:57 AM)orionstar Wrote: This guy is just lol, this video just made my day... Big Grin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7L7B5A5Kmg
I agree, he is a joke. However, I'd like to suggest that nobody bother viewing the vid because he doesn't deserve the viewed count.

I tried just now and it says it's not available. Oh well. While he made some valid points, he wasn't constructive and each of has to make a choice in what framework works for us, our companies and clients, and our workflow. If it was his time to move on to his brand-new 5-day invested framework and that works for him, then awesome. I wish him much success.

A Terminator! :-)

I will admit to following David's YouTube channel for some time and even using his tutorials when CI was pretty new. While he might have some good points in his post about the current state / direction for CI4, it is clear with the latest rounds of videos that this entire post was written with malicious intent as content for his YouTube channel and, maybe in some way to drum up interest in his training course / framework he claims will take 90% of the developers away from CI.

Maybe David has been in quarantine for too long, but I am utterly disappointed at the direction he has taken in the last few weeks. I have no idea why he now seemingly has such hate for a project he has obviously used extensively and profited from in the past. At any point he could have forked and continued as his own version (including now) but instead chose to write his own framework, a framework I was excited for at one point.

David, I am sure it means nothing to you in your current state but you have absolutely lost my respect and any interest I once held for you or the TG project. I do hope you find a better way forward and wish you all the best.

(06-25-2020, 08:37 AM)kilishan Wrote: New website has been in the works for a while. PaulD was leading some people on that before he left. It's making slow progress still but not nearly as active as before.

I would be available to help out on the website front. How can I go about getting involved in that?
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I have also been following David for years and have watched most of his videos, while I respect and thank him for the content he has provided covering Codeigniter, I too am disappointed in the path he has gone down of late, and feel his energies could be better spent.

He has always praised CI above any other framework and I know after creating the initial code generator that he reached out to express his interest in taking over/being involved with CI multiple times to no avail. Maybe this, coupled with the stagnation over the recent years accounts for some of his bitterness.

Although it’s safe to say his social filter is, well, not there, I do feel he raises some valid points. I too share his frustration with today's situation, seeing the lack of adoption and support that once made it great. Personally, I feel this is simply due to the rewrite taking too long and the unwillingness to adopt HMVC into the core framework; which many CI developers enjoy using.

While I respect the contributors and completely understand the argument that anybody complaining about this could have easily helped out themselves. I feel in a world of fast-changing tech, it is clear devs need to swim with the current and not against it and will move to the most adopted and supported frameworks.

Re his points against packages etc; developing is about the layering of technologies and working together not trying to reinvent the wheel each time, or we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today, further, I don't think its realistic to think that one person has the resource available to do everything themselves. This is why I was surprised when David decided to ditch CI, remove all of his videos, and create his own framework to work with his second version of his code generator, adopting the CI syntax. In my eyes, it would have been more profitable selling a code generator to the established CI community. 

Everything aside, credit to the CI team we now have a CI4 that is modular! Personally loving using it and can see a great future Smile

I would be very interested to hear what David was going to propose and what prompted this conversation, was it to stoke the fire and see if there is anything left with the intent of perhaps, offering a pivot from his TG framework and incorporating the tech into CI, adopting the community and moving forward together... or was it simply a TG plug, in which case really hasn't worked.

Wow! What a waste of time and a shit show that was!  He’s obviously trolling and starting fight for his own benefit. He’s just another toxic youtuber looking for something to bitch about on his channel so we should just stop giving him the attention he’s looking for. If he is so good that he can develop a complete framework in 5 days (what a joke!) he could have helped the project instead of insulting everybody!  Angry
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