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Laravel Vs Codeigniter. A difficult choice

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Hey fellows. I'm in need of advice. I'm certain I could use your comments. I've been working with Codeigniter for the past three years. It is extremely simple to set up and to work with. I began to learn Laravel three months ago. I've seen some improvement but since it is very OOP the learning process is taking some time. There is a lot I don't know about.

Today I met with a Web non-literate client who has absolutely nothing about the web ( I don't even know CI or Lara). The contract we signed was for huge amounts. The system needs a lot of automated mail outs and other cron tasks. I am able to see the advantages of Laravel and how it is better than CI.

But I have a feeling I'm not very efficient. I have the ability to create database driven sites at the moment and do things with Laracast videos, but I am still learning.

A small portion of me is keen to make it happen in Codeigniter ( because it is easy to setting up and all ) However, the other side of me would like to capitalize on the situation and build it in Laravel. The task isn't that urgent He has time, but this is a huge project. How would you react if were in my situation? Laravel or Codeigniter?

Thank you

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normally we do project based on client need. if they just need result, then you can do what you are best at. framework doesn't matter, since all meet requirement. make sure the web is maintainable by others too.

In web development you have a lot of tools at your side, you pick the right tools for the job to be done.
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I had a look at laravel some time ago; there was a dictomy in that its touted as really well written, except the writers didn't see to be bothered to make it KISS in setting up. On Linux , I read I had to install homestead , then vitualbox nearly a GIG of other stuff.

I googled to see how I could write my own php class and seamlessly integrate it; i couldn't find a single entry.

Here's one thought, it's easy to write your own class and use them with CodeIgniter; for the time in hours you take to even know LAravel inside out ; which i guess you need to , could be spent on writing your own Class to do what's ever is needed or leverage available libraries thats are available through . https://packagist.org/ and install via composer

Just thank yourself lucky the client didn't insist on Wordpress !
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I recently received this message which I think sums up Laravel:

Quote:That is one of the big problems I see with laravel. You get the whole kitchen sink whether you need it or not and there is a whole lot of magic going on. You do not program in laravel, you use laravel.

Choose Laravel.
CI is a swamp.

(12-05-2021, 01:01 AM)iRedds Wrote: Choose Laravel.
CI is a swamp.
I do not understand your comment. 

I’m curious, please elaborate.

(12-05-2021, 03:20 PM)John_Betong Wrote: I do not understand your comment. 

I’m curious, please elaborate.

CI4 has a lot of potential. But he is not developing.
Documentation changes, errors are corrected, but there are no obvious changes that improve the work of the framework.

Any breaking changes are postponed to the mythical 5 version.

Therefore, I believe that at this stage of development, CI4 is a swamp.
And if nothing changes he will repeat the fate of CI 1/2

This is a community/volunteer driven framework. I did mention in this thread some upcoming changes.

However, there's only 3-4 people actively working on the framework. We welcome more help. And it's only breaking changes that have to wait until a major release, since we try to follow semantic versioning.

I do find the comment interesting, though, since I've been using both CodeIgniter and Laravel for quite a few years now. One thing people used to like about CI3 was that it was stable and, unlike Laravel, wasn't making breaking changes and the like every few months. It's definitely a hard balance to find, especially with such a small team.

To the OP's question, though, I would say use whatever you're most comfortable with, unless you're wanting to take the time to learn another framework. I will say that at the moment Laravel has better mail and task scheduling and those seem to be priorities for your application. Of course, you might be able to roll your simple task scheduler in CI in a few hours, which could prove faster than learning Laravel, as their mail system can get a bit complex since it has a number of layers. Or you could use the mostly complete Tasks library. This will end up being merged into CI core pretty soon. The biggest thing left to do is to revamp how storage works for that so we don't require the Settings library. The current repo will be kept around though as a useful tool for existing projects.

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(12-05-2021, 07:48 PM)iRedds Wrote: Any breaking changes are postponed to the mythical 5 version.

We have feature toggle now. So it is a bit easier to add breaking changes.
And actually breaking enhancement is introduced.

If it is a huge project, the framework choice depends on the project members.
You should not decide it only because of your interest.

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