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Cross linking in sub classes

Hey guys,

I am trying to find an efficient way of linking between sub controllers/functions that are within files.

I have learned that I cannot just put "../admin/foo" because once in the foo page, a different link setup needs to exist "admin/foo". I could be wrong in the directory setup but the concept is the same: having different link patterns.

Now I do want to put base urls because, my co-worker told me that new http urls will keep refreshing the browser and will not cache the site as it would if links were /admin/foo" etc..

This is something I want to do with one generic type link because of different design templates in different folder.

I know this is a long shot and I am assuming there could be no fix. But just want to know if others have run into same issues.


Hi bigdaddysheikh,

If I understand you correctly this may help.

I have my css, js, images in the root of my CI folder eg.

with \system\application\MY_APP as my path

I would have...

In my views I have link my assets via...

This works well for me because I'm not giving away my REAL path in my link.

There for improving my site security.

Anywhere a browser can access on your server is unsecure. Allowing the browser into the system directory is not recommended.

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