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I have the weirdest ajax problem ever. (jQuery)

Hello there,

Check it out: http://zorg.no-ip.org/mindmonkey/post-online/
I'm creating a drag and drop system, so you can easily delete content. It looks like it works all right, but ONLY for some random entries (in this case the first one and "Controller system has been rewritten."). Drag and drop those to the trash can and see for yourself.

I have NO idea what causes this. The related javascript file can be found here:

I'd really appreciate some help on this!

Everything seems to be working for me. But even if it wasn't. This a CI community. Your problem has NOTHING to do with CI. I suggest you post your problem on the google groups jquery account...

Nice that you are so friendly Bramme..

In Firefox 3.01 / Ubuntu 8.04 it works intermittently, either not at all (as described) or for most elements but the drop on some elements doesn't work if you drop the hand on the bin, you have to move it over a bit, so the hand is in the "What's up" bit..

Perhaps add some highlighting to the recycle bin (opacity based?) so that there is a visual clue as to when it will work.

Also, how are you calculating the collision with the bin? The mouseup event position within a certain distance of the bin?

Perhpas use the jQueryUI drag/drop?

I'm sorry if I came over unfriendly. It's just that with a problem like this, I think loathsome would get much better and quicker answers at the google group, instead of here...

Even though jQuery is immensely popular and there's bound to be some people here who know it, this is still a PHP based community. I'd think you'd be better off asking JS questions in a JS community...

What makes you say so, Bramme? I quote from the front page:

Quote:Use the forum to discuss anything related to programming and code development.

If this isn't related to programming or code development, I dont know.

@php_penguin: Thanks for your reply, I'm investigating it now. It seems like there are some troubles width the float and/or the width of each h4 Smile By the way, this IS the jQueryUI drag/drop.

Try changing your doctype from



<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

and see if that makes a difference

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