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New to CI

Awesome. I setup DB Session as well as my database configuration and put them both in the autoload configuration.

The data is correctly populating in the table and all that jazz so it does look good to go. One thing I will probobly do slightly different is create an account_id field within the session table. I tend to like retrieving all relative user data along with the session data (and not store there account-specific data in the session vars).

This way I dont have to have two queries to get there information (session retrieval then account information retrieval), but rather just all comes from the session retrieval. Personal preference I guess.

Once I make those modifications to it, my next little quest will be on to designing a auth system around this and learning the database class. I have always used mysqli in the past, and looking over the class most of it seems to act the same way.

Once that is setup, everything else should be gravy.

Oh, I assume the controller does the auth as well?

Oh, I really like the idea of the extension of the validation class with the if_exists...
I am thinking something along these lines
if_exists($tablename, $column, $value) // Select 1 FROM $tablename WHERE $column = $value;

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