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Loading multiple instances of library

Hi all!

It's my first post, so I hope I found the right section for this! Big Grin

I am using to OOPHP where I could define something like:

PHP Code:
$people = array();
$people[] = new Person("John""Smith"43);
$people[] = new Person("Mike""Red"19);
$people[] = new Person("Rose""Blue"54);
$people[] = new Person("Lily""White"22);

Which would pass all my instances of Person to my db function.

Now, I understnad in CI rather than using the 'new' keyword I am meant to store my Person class in the /libraries directory and use $this->load->library('Person') (or $this->load('Person') ) and then refer to the object as $this->person->...

My problem is that if I have something like:

PHP Code:
$input_people = .. //Some array containing a range of people received as input from user


$people = array();

$input_people as $person) {

$this->person->name $person->name;
/*etc for all properties */

$people[] = $this->person;  

Each time the loop runs it updates all previous instances of 'person'.

The only solution I found is to call unserialize(serialize($this->person)) before adding it to the people array. Is there a better way of doing this?

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