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Libraries or HMVC

[quote author="alphasynaptic" date="1217814528"]Ok so any suggestions for which Ajax library I should use? I've used Yahoo's to good results, but am considering switching to the Google hosted JQuery library. Any other suggestions or opinions about what to pick between these two? FYI Since I use Ajax calls inside the pages being called by Ajax, I have to encapsulate the Ajax calls in comments and then use regular expressions to strip the comments out before replacing the elements inside the document. I know it's a hacky workaround, but I don't know if I have another choice. I would be happy to know if I do have another choice or if any library incorporates nested Ajax calls.[/quote]

I like the jquery javascript library, yahoo one is decent as well. Plenty of plugins and such for jquery too.


As to the comment stripping for your ajax, you could use event driven(onclick, onload, onmouseover, etc.) ajax calls? Hard to extend that further without seeing your code.

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