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How to pass multiple values from view->controller->model

[eluser]Eric Cope[/eluser]
what does your view look like? how are you setting the data upon validation failure?

look for value="<?=$this->validation->formElementName;?>"

On a side note:
I know the feeling of frustration when things are not working, but learning how to solve these types of problems is very important. Learn to use var_dump and other methods of debugging these issues. Ask yourself how data is supposed to traverse the MVC framework. Don't be afraid of opening up codeIgniter files. The worst thing to happen is you screw them up and you have to re-download the system. There has been a lot of hand holding. Its time to kick you out of the nest. Spread your wings and fly, little codeIgniter!

Hi John, I understand that you might be frustrated trying to get that piece of code to work, but let me say that CodeIgniter is extremely easy to understand once you read the Tutorial and documentation.

Also, downloading the BambooInvoice application will help you to understand how Controllers, Models, Views, etc. works in a real-application.

[quote author="johnmiller" date="1218167486"]i have added
in my function do_search (in controller)

the page loads without any problem.

when i click the button, the else condition in the do_search function should work.

but nothing happens...[/quote]

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