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vBulletin and CodeIgniter

I am trying to integrate vbulletin in my website. I am using code igniter. I have a problem when i m trying to load the forum's index page through the traditional CI way i.e $this->load->view() m getting an error .


You can't do that. What you need to do is setup the forums in a subfolder, such as


and put all your CI stuff in the root /. Then, in your .htaccess, you would make sure that /forums/ is not routed through /index.php.

The actual integration is based on reading the vbulletin database structure and using that as a basis for more features of your site, such as a forum portal or similar.

The forum itself will run completely separate of CI.

Hope that helps,


Hi all,

I have got the basic integration with vbulletin going...thanks pat for the advice.... :-) :-)
But my web site has 3 column layout and m populating data from database in the left and right columns and i want the middle column to display the vbulletin forum.
I tried editing the vbulletin template....but all was in vain... any suggestions how can i modify the template of vbulletin to suit my needs....???


Well there are two ways that I would go about doing this.

The first, which you kind of mentioned, is to modify the vBulletin index template to include a wrapper around your forum index to add columns to the left and right side. Then, you would write a vBulletin plugin / product that would display whatever you wanted into those extra columns. This doesn't involve Codeigniter so its not really relevant here.

The other solution, is to use the vBulletin API to re-create the forum index in your center column. Basically you would have the forums run under a root directory, as I have stated above (/forums/) and then you would probably have to re-create a class to build the forum structure of the homepage from the database. After this is done, you would make separate Codeigniter templates used by the forum index to make a duplicate of the forum index.

Either way your going to have quite a bit of work on your hands. It really depends on the situation though. If I were doing this, and the majority of the site were to be based on a forum, i'd scrap the idea of using CodeIgniter for the index and maybe limit its use to special section of the site that might require user authentication.


Thanx for suggestions :-) ..... I tried with the first method but it shows changes only for the main page but all other pages get there default layout....refractoring lot of code is bit difficult with so many no of files.


Has anybody tried connecting to multiple databases....m facing a problem with vbulletin...my site already has its database and now i have installed vbulletin...m trying to bridge connection between my site and vbulletin coz i want the users registerd at my site have aaccess to the vbulletin forum....now the problem comes ...when m authenticating the user i m facing problem with the script coz multiple database access is required....if anybody sorted this out pls help...

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