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Paypal Registration Application

[eluser]Jesse Schutt[/eluser]
Thanks for the thoughts!

If there is anyone that can speak to the overall logic/flow of this app, please jump in!

You can use the custom field in your form and included the details necessary to identify the order/purchase.

function form_gen ()
$custom_string = $order_id:$user_id;
$this->paypal_lib->add_field('custom', $custom_string); // <-- Verify return

$this->paypal_lib->add_field('return', site_url('checkout/success')); //you could use this to say the order is in progress
$this->paypal_lib->add_field('cancel_return', site_url('checkout/cancel')); //redirect to this url when cancel on the paypal "side"
$this->paypal_lib->add_field('notify_url', site_url('checkout/ipn')); // <-- IPN url

function ipn () {
list($user_id, $order_id) = explode(":", $this->paypal_lib->ipn_data['custom']);
then update the database record

[eluser]Jesse Schutt[/eluser]
Wow, this is very helpful! I will have to try it out and let you know if it works for me!

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