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Any way to make logs more useful?

[eluser]Daniel H[/eluser]
Does anyone use their log files effectively?

I find (occasionally) downloading the (sometimes!) huge text files and then trawling through them by hand really time consuming. I'd love there to be some sort of application that can parse the log files into something more useful (e.g. grouping common errors), or maybe somehow turn them into an RSS feed.

Any suggestions?

That's an interesting idea! I think having any form of publicly accessible feed to your logs isn't a good idea (i know you would be the only person aware of the address of the feed but it is still vulnerable!) but i can see what you mean, you could be alerted of errors instantly.

You can of course turn the logging down to errors only which will produce much smaller log files.

I suppose you could amend the logging class to e-mail you every time you get an error in your log?

[eluser]Daniel H[/eluser]
Yeah good idea - email notification would be a pretty useful.

I also don't like to download those files so I've started to work on something "quick and dirty" about a month ago (check the attached image).

It's needless to say that it's far from being completed but what is currently does is read today's log file (I could choose a date as a parameter to the controller but haven't done anything about it in the HTML yet).

So it basically read the file and parse it.

If you would like it, let me know, I'll make a few upgrades next week and upload it.

[eluser]Daniel H[/eluser]
Sounds really great! Let us know if you do get it ready; throw it in the Wiki.


Sure :-)

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