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Simple database code not working ( Problem ongoing )

Hello, I am trying to extract information out of a database but I am not getting any results back. I believe there is something wrong with my code, if anybody can figure out what is wrong I would greatly appreciate the help!

The point of the code is to match the user's id to the pm_recipient id in a table then for each match it finds, run it through a foreach function to get the row's information and insert it into an array to be returned.

function get_messages($id)
        $get_pm_recipient_rows = $this->db->get('pm_recipient');
        if ($get_pm_recipient_rows->num_rows() != 0)
            $pm_rows = array();
            foreach ($get_pm_recipient_rows->result() as $row)
                $get_pm_thread_row = $this->db->get('pm_thread');
                $pm_thread_row = $get_pm_thread_row->row();
                $pm_rows[$row->pm_id] = $get_pm_thread_row->row();
            return $pm_rows;
        } else {
            return 0;

Try this:
$get_pm_recipient_rows = $this->db->get_where('pm_recipient',array('pm_im'=>$id));
return $get_pm_recipient_rows->result_array();

Oops...totally misunderstood.

If I were you I would just write the query out instead of doing loops Smile

EDIT: If you want to keep the loops, try using get_where.

Ahh so simple! Only three lines of code Smile Wow thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction

Well, i'm having considerable trouble now that I'm putting my new code to the test.

In order to be more clear on what the problem I will first go into a little detail explaining what is actually going on.

First there are 2 tables, the first named pm_recipient (consists of 2 fields: pm_id, pm_recipient) and the other named pm_thread (indexed by pm_id). Ideally what should happen is when a pm_recipient (the same thing as the user's id) exists, the database searches the pm_recipient table for all the matches between their user_id and the pm_recipient number in the pm_recipient table. For each match, the corrisponding row in the pm_thread table is extracted and added to an array. So the end product is an array containing rows of information from the pm_thread table.

The above code attempted to do that but it did not achieve the desired result.

Does anybody know if what I am attempting to do is possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

- mark

Could you not use the following query? :

SELECT T.* FROM pm_thread AS T
JOIN pm_recipient AS R
WHERE T.pm_id = R.pm_id AND R.pm_recipient = @userid

Thanks for your input mdowns, could you please explain your logic, i'm having a hard time following.


If you join the pm_thread and pm_recipient table on pm_id, you get all the threads for each recipient:

SELECT T.* FROM pm_thread AS T JOIN pm_recipient AS R WHERE T.pm_id = R.pm_id

Then you filter out the recipients based on your given userid:

AND R.pm_recipient = @userid

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