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AutoSave function

Hi everyone,

i would like to try to implement a autoSave function on forms in CI, i found that very useful in Wordpress, i woud like to know more or less how it works. I don't ask anybody to do it for me, i will do it, but i imagine with a little help !

Well if someone has a point of view on that please let me know !


[eluser]Gavin Blair[/eluser]
Your best bet in my humble opinion is to have a Javascript function that makes a Ajax call every x seconds to save your form data into the database.

You should look into jQuery for the Ajax.


You might want to dig into the actual Wordpress code and find out exactly how they do it! I could be wrong, but I think Wordpress uses TinyMCE, right?? I'll bet that the autosave is a feature of TinyMCE.

hi, yes i was thinking about using one these two libraries, but i don't exactly see how it works, i mean it would be a call of a php script that insert the data of the form in a database by a javascript script. But how the php script can have the value of the input elements with submiting the form ?

i found something interesting here: http://jetlogs.org/2007/11/11/auto-saving-with-jquery/ i think that with that i'm ok, thanks !

[eluser]Gavin Blair[/eluser]
When you use Ajax with jQuery, you are sending the form values to a php file.

For instance, your autosave function can send the entire form's values to "autosave.php", or to your autosave controller "index.php/autosave/", and your php will just process $_POST and echo out a success message.

Experiment a little with Ajax and jQuery, it's really fun.

ok i will try that, it does not seem that complicated

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