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How can setup this mysql databse for my 1st project in CI?

[quote author="Tanque" date="1220741465"]it's great you had found out how to do it... can u xplain it here?...[/quote]

I'm not sure to how to explain the table. But it only requires one table.
I put several fields including the first one as "id" autoincrement, Int(11)
then a category int(10), then a table "url" that is varchar that was is it. (For basics)
I've added more

With a simple SELECT statment I can select the "url" from only the right category and then display them on the category page.

So for example I create a category called "cgiproxies" which lists cgi powered proxies.
I assigned this category as "1" in the category sql field

Then I create the cgiproxy page and put into the maincontroller

function cgi_proxies()

        $data['query'] = $this->db->query('SELECT `url`,`id`,`date`,`hits` FROM `links` WHERE `category`=1 ORDER BY datestamp');

        $this->load->view('cgi_proxies', $data);

That SQL query will only select the rows that have category 1 and thus display only the urls of the "Cgiproxies" on that page. I hope that made sense? I don't know how I got that. lol I' m not a programmer. But that video tutorial on creating a blog in 20 minutes was a huge help. Then I just put into the cgiproxy category page the phpforeach loop and and loop threw all the entries of that category query..

Now I to create a pagination, Because I don't want them all on the same page, only about 20 urls per page,.. I'm not sure how to this?

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How can setup this mysql databse for my 1st project in CI? - by El Forum - 09-06-2008, 12:12 PM

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