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Problems with the new Form Validation library

When you say you had to specifically use MY_Form_validation, does that mean that you are actually calling $this->my_form_validation->some_method()?

Extensions should automatically be calling their parents in their constructor so you should only ever have to call $this->form_validation. The prefix 'MY_' is a config setting that will automatically load class extensions with that prefix. Perhaps your config's prefix is set to a custom prefix?

If you are calling your extension directly and it isn't correctly inheriting from its parent, then you are only able to access methods that you have explicitely written into MY_Form_Validation.

Also, you might check out MY_Form_validation from the wiki. It will allow you to keep your callback rules in your model. It has worked well for me.

Anyhow, just checking to see if the plug is in the wall socket, y'know?

Ixnay my last post. I see now that you were talking about actual file names.

[quote author="beemr" date="1224526058"]Ixnay my last post. I see now that you were talking about actual file names.[/quote]Hehe, no problem. I first thought there was something with that, but my custom callback in MY_Form_validation is working just fine, so I guess that's okay. It's just a series of bugs in the library I think. Also, as far as I can tell, the bugs only started occurrign after I updated my svn version.

Did they occur after you updated from one SVN 1.7 to the next SVN 1.7?

I've been updating SVN regularly, and just last week noticed that form_validation's set_value() no longer escapes characters (at least the less-than character is no longer escaped).

I just revisited my app under 1.6.4 and the less-than is correctly escaped.

Rick says it's not a bug under my tracking report, but it definitely is a change from previous behavior. EDIT: Rick just duplicated my bug and fixed it in SVN.

Yeah it did, at least that's what I think. I've been adding to my own code too, so yeah, something might have changed there...

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