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help with multiple input?

[eluser]newbie boy[/eluser]
how can i make multiple input from a html form inserted on a field in a single user?
i want to have an ouput on mysql table exactly like this:

car_id user_id car
1 1 ford
2 1 honda
3 1 jaguar
1 2 toyota
2 2 suzuki
3 2 audi

has many to one relationship

Yeah, you'll have to try to explain that a little better. Maybe a form example or so?

[eluser]newbie boy[/eluser]
i got the solution:

in the model this must go:

// Check to see if there is more than one car
if ( count($data['cars']) > 0 ) {

for($i = 0; $i < count($data['cars']); ++$i) {
$this->CarModel[$i]->car = $data['cars'][$i];
// If only one car then
else {
$this->CarModel[0]->car     = $data['cars'];

This has nothing to do with a model if you ask me...a controller or helper maybe..

[eluser]newbie boy[/eluser]
But if you ask me, all the transactions that deals with the database must go in the model.
Thanks anyway.

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