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I have one issue...could be .htaccess problem?


A friend of mine installed codeigniter on my website (www.smsup.net). It used to work perfectly until I had to move my website to another host. Now, all the links are taking me to the main website. Could this be a .htaccess problem? Any ideas how can I fix it?

Thank you!

[eluser]Steve Grant[/eluser]
Check config.php - the base URL is probably still set to the old address.

The base URL is fine. When I access the links like www.smsup.net/index.php/news it works perfectly, but www.smsup.net/news does not. It used to work like that too. Any ideas how can I fix this? I believe it has to do with .htaccess...

Thank you!

Any ideas please?

and By the links are all taking you to the main website, is that the case, or do you just mean the default controller is displaying?

I had this same thing happen to me. 10 bucks sais the new host doesn't support the URI Protocal setting. Try something different then AUTO. I think PATH_INFO was what worked for me.

I like codeigniter, I have played with it yesterday and I was able to get data from a model into a view, pretty cooL!

But what I did not like is that there is a bug in the documentation about the .htaccess setting. In the rule it said to redirect to /index.php
Wich ofcource is incorrect because that would lead to the root of the root...

I send a twitter message to @codeigniter about this, but no feedback yet

Luckyly I found this post http://opinionatedcoder.wordpress.com/co...ial-series
wich helped me to fix also other issues.

I think the .htaccess is a important part of this framework, so I would update the documentation, and not let the forum be flooded with people that have problems not getting their SEO friendly websites being set.


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