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[v3] - Routing via MY_Router for CMS content

I'm attempting to create a routing system that will check the database for a slug to URL match, then display that content in the template for dynamic content.

I've setup a MY_Controller to handle sitewide things (authentication, etc) and I setup the remap function in that - however, when the URL doesn't match a controller, it routes to the 404 page instead of checking the _remap function.

It never makes it to the _remap. So... wondering... is there an example of using the MY_Router.php page to override that (I've tried looking at examples from other CMSes, however, they are either very tightly wound in their own CMS with calls to their CMS specific code making it difficult to figure out how to implement - or - they simple break when attempting to implement throwing errors from the CodeIgniter.php core files)

Just trying to find a clean, direct routing system that essentially takes anything that would normally be a 404 error and checks to see if the URL matches something in the database routing table.

Any help/tutorials/pointing me to something other than the documentation for routing for codeigniter would be helpful.

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