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text helper - loaded, but character_limiter not working

[eluser]Brad Morse[/eluser]
I recently completed the two blog tutorials and wanted to add to it.

I loaded the text helper within the blog controller:
function Blog() {

Then I tried to put a limit on the body part of the blog post within the blog view:

<?php foreach($query->result() as $row): ?>
        <p>&lt;?=$row->character_limiter(body, 10);?&gt;</p>
        <p>&lt;?=anchor('blog/comments/'.$row->id, 'Comments');?&gt;</p>
    &lt;?php endforeach; ?&gt;

I receive this error;

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: character_limiter() in /path_to/ci_system/application/views/blog_view.php on line 11

Line 11 is:
<p>&lt;?=$row->character_limiter(body, 10);?&gt;</p>

I imagine this is a simple fix, any help is appreciated. Thank you.


I tried this and it seems to work, but is there a better way of writing this?

    $body_text = $row->body;
    print character_limiter($body_text, 210);

Looks like you've figured out that helper functions are just functions and not methods attached to objects. With that said, you've done it correctly, but you shouldn't need to define a variable here.

<p>&lt;? echo character_limiter("$row->body", 10);?&gt;</p>

[eluser]Brad Morse[/eluser]

Thank you!

I appreciate the help, I was completely off from my original attempt, here is my original attempt at doing this below:

<p>&lt;?=$row->character_limiter(body, 10);?&gt;</p>

Thanks again!

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