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New Application

Hello everyone!

I would like to present my new CodeIgniter powered application, Pipelines (http://pipelines.nexterous.com). I used the default CodeIgniter theme to work the design. Any thoughts?

(I do not know if this is in the correct forum or if it's allowed. If not, feel free to close it.)

[eluser]Adam Griffiths[/eluser]
I like the idea of this, it's a simple idea but looks like it could do well.

Thank you!

(My web host server went down just as I was posting this. If you could not get to the site, it should be working now.)

[eluser]Adam Griffiths[/eluser]
Just a quick question, which auth library are you using?

I built this application rather quickly as a demo and decided to release it on a few forums including this one. Right now, it's just a quick custom solution. I might look into using your Auth Library or standardize one of my authentication systems from another project. I'm not sure yet.

This is more of a design issue, but the Submit button on the register page looks just like an input field when it shouldn't.

Alright.. here's the rest of my thoughts.

Each task has a star beside it. To me, this means "Favorite" or "Important", so I clicked it to find out what it does. Without warning it deletes the task. Change the icon to an X or something, or at least provide a confirmation box before deleting.

Also, I notice you are using divs for each task.
I would use li's instead. In the future you could use jQuery for "drag-and-drop" re-arranging of the li elements to designate importance.

Try adding a task with an importance of "s" or "5"... you need to implement form validation.

I'm trying to add a second task (only have one queue), and it's not displaying on the dashboard.
When I go to add another task, it does increase the importance number, so I'm assuming the task was inserted correctly, just not displayed.

Final thought:
I would take a screenshot of the example dashboard in the browser and post it on the homepage, instead of having the actual example. I didn't read, and actually thought it was a working example but was broke...

Edit: I do love the idea....

Good catch.
I've made all the submit buttons distinct from the input boxes.

Thank you very much simshaun for your great feedback!
Let me address each point and the resolution.

1. Input box - I posed a response before I realized you had a second post up. I changed all the submit boxes to be distinct from the input boxes.

2. Icons - Each task now has a better icon that represents its purpose.

3. For the reordering, I will be using JQuery drag & drop for the future. This application is still rough and in beta - I should designate that as well.

4. I tried adding an "s" - the form worked correctly and blocked it. As to the 5, it's perfectly fine to add an importance / priority of 5 - it allows up to 99.

5. A second task will not show up on the dashboard unless it's priority is higher than the one already on the dashboard. This is an intended feature. It's meant to give you the next project to work on in each of the categories without worring about what else you have to do.

6. Good point about the screenshot. Or I should do an actual demo.

Thank you very much again.

4. Hmm. works now. Just a moment ago it was throwing me a PHP error.

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