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Is there a list of new functionality in 3.0?

I've written for a fairly long time with CI 2.1, I see a lot of fixes or modifications and updating to existing functions in 3.x but no new functionality.

Is that more or less the idea going forward or will we see new classes as well? If so is there a feature list that I can skim instead of reading the docs, I'm pretty familiar with all of the classes I currently use

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ChangeLog, every software project has it.

I had read the changelog and obviously a lot of existing functionality has been improved. I'm asking about features that someone who used CI2.x wouldn't know about. Things CI does now that it couldn't do before. Something you'd say hey there's this entirely new concept that does xyz, you should read about that because it wasn't available in 2.2.

It seems that CI 3.0 is largely a better, fixed version of 2.x. I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything new.

The sessions, encryption, and database (query builder) libraries have been completely overhauled (and most of the database drivers are more likely to actually work out of the box). Looking through those sections would likely reveal the most significant new features (and I believe the sessions and query builder were two of the main focuses of 3.0 anyway). The rest is primarily the expected build-up of fixes, minor additions, and clean-up that would be expected in a project which has been in development as long as CI 3 (with the maturity of CI and a maintainer willing to focus on maintenance between releases).

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One of the function that come very handy are the tempdata function that include in session class.


If you using 2.2 and you want to design a report page that contain pagination, after sending the limitation rules


you will realize that you only got few option:
url passing terms or
keep the terms in userdata
orĀ  keep the terms in flashdata, but need to repeating the save the term in flashdata, this become very untidy.

with tempdata you can store the term for example 5 minute, when clicking next page you don't need passing value mechanism.

Have fun when coding.

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