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Cache with pagination


i need to safe a lot of performance of my application, but I dont know how to work with the cache as best.


I've a blackboard section with 10 classifieds per page. Now I want to cache each of these sites and delete the cache on a new post.

So cache files for each site must be created and possible to delete all in one.

thanks for each help!

It really depends what you want\can cache. If the pages are exactly the same for each user, then you can use CI's built in cache. To delete the cache, you'll have to look at how CI names the cache files and write a function to delete the cache file itself. Or, just sent the cache time to something low like 2 minutes and have a message that says "your post will show up within the next two minutes" when they submit something.

Otherwise, you'll have to look into a different kind of cache like memcached or Khcache (search these forums).

Hope this helps.

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