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About class upload and multiple image input

Hi all!!

I have a form that is working ok, I'm working with fields in format of arrays just like "work[]", and "images[]" for example.

My question is about using the upload class with this kind of array field.
I'm trying to do this:
$field_name = 'userfile[' . $i . ']';                    
if ( ! $this->upload->do_upload($field_name))
in a for looping, but its not working...

I'll have to name "userfile1", "userfile2", "userfile3" the inputs?

What does your view look like? Are you sure the field names are correct? Also, do a print_r($_POST) after the fields are posted and copy the output here for us to see.

I solved the problem making some javascript to name de fields like userfile1, userfile2, userfile3 as long as the final user chooses images.

Than I make the upload routine, with $input = 'userfile[' . $i . ']'; never works.

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