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[SOLVED] Is it possible to select checkboxes from multiple pages?

If a user selects checkboxes from page 1 and select some more on page 2 and some more on page 3, when he clicks on the submit button, all checkboxes selected from page 1-3 should be submitted. Currently, only checkboxes selected on the current page are submitted. Is this possible? How?

Many thanks..


You should carry your checkbox values from page1 to page2 to page3 and so on.
On first page where you have eg. checkbox1,checkbox2,checkbox3 after submit on the second page these checkboxes have to be converted to html hidden values:
<input type="hidden" name="checkbox1" value="<?php echo $_POST['checkbox1_value']?>" />
and so on, on other pages.

That's the theory. But how would you do carry the checkboxes values over the next page when the available events in between pages are when the checkbox and the pages' links are clicked/selected?


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