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Help me about playlist

I'm trying to do one music website but having 2 issues this:
- First, I use the jwplayer to create playlists, playlist everything is fine but do not automatically transfer all
- Second: I read the contents of the file to get the playlist file, but PHP to ignore all characters after the "<". For example, the contents of the file is "playlist <track> jhvbhjbj" it only shows up when the file is read "playlist" only.
I've tried everything but still does not solve the second problem, people who know they help me with. Thanks !!!

No idea without any code to look at...

<?php echo html_escape("playlist <track> jhvbhjbj"); ?>

(03-21-2015, 01:42 PM)ivantcholakov Wrote: <?php echo html_escape("playlist <track> jhvbhjbj"); ?>

Thank you so much, I did it. Using the html_escape (), but do not know its specific uses like (I've searched online but did not see), but it also brought the desired effect.

The second problem was solved by ivantcholakov, thanks you so much, and the first problem someone help me. I did as instruction but it is not correct. Here is the code show jwplayer play music :
<fieldset style="width: 550px; margin-left: 370px">
    <legend><b>Demo playlist</b></legend>
    <div >
            <span class="right">
                <embed style=" margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px"
                    src='<?php echo base_url();?>public/jwplayer/player.swf'
                    flashvars='file=<?php echo base_url();?>list1.xml &playlist=bottom &playlistsize=80 &autostart=1 &smoothing=1'

No matter what with file list.xml, but jwplayer does not automatically transfer all !!

You should probably use PHP's XML Parser to handle the contents of the playlist if it's an XML file...

It may take a little more time to figure out how to read and manipulate the data using the parser, but, in the end, it will probably give you fewer issues.

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