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CodeIgniter 3.0

(04-02-2015, 11:30 PM)Hamed Wrote: thanks very good framework.
Just I think just auth lib is required!

That is not likely to happen. There are a number of auth libraries, and not unanimous agreement as to the best of them!

Great job, thank you very much! Smile
I am already curious about the next release and the changes it will bring... Smile
Do you already have any ideas regarding 4.0?

great, now i can continue use ci

Great job! Still using CI Smile

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I see that the naming of files have been changed.

So, how to write autoload.php and other ?

for example :
$autoload['libraries'] = array('session','database','form_validation');

* this is how I write in CodeIgniter 2

Is in CodeIgniter it is same ? or need to capitalize each libraries name ?

*** Update :
I have tried the CodeIgniter 3
I can write the config, autoload like CodeIgniter 2
You can see the information in the comment in each config files too

Hey, the documentation's title has still "-dev".

<title>CodeIgniter User Guide &mdash; CodeIgniter 3.0-dev documentation</title>

Update, please.

Database Active Record Class function list not mention in CodeIgniter 3.0 user guide.

@mypalwal: read upgrade notes

Nice Work!!!

Great work!

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