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CodeIgniter Vision

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These are exciting times for CodeIgniter! The project has a new home, new stewardship, and new life. Smile
A number of the community members have been pressing for details ... what does this all mean?

CodeIgniter's New Home

EllisLab has done a great job creating and fostering CodeIgniter, an awesome PHP framework, but they were not in a position to sustain the project's continued evolution.
They have entrusted CodeIgniter to BCIT now, to continue the job they started. BCIT is providing the server for CodeIgniter's informational website and forum, while the Github and Twitter accounts have been transferred as is to us.
Myself? I have a partial leave this academic year, to work on the project.

CodeIgniter's New Stewardship

CodeIgniter has followed a "community-encouraged" model so far, with EllisLab providing leadership. My goal is to turn the project into a "community-driven" one, with as little as possible of the bureaucracy that surrounds many academic settings.

The CodeIgniter community response so far is encouraging - several members have offered their services for some of the jobs that need doing, and several others have been nominated for me to recruit as well. Cool

The "Reactor Team" is the group of developers who review submitted code for the project, and keep the Github repository updated. Andrey Andreev has been a trooper doing this for the last couple of years, and he will be joined by at least a couple more in the next few days (a tweet opportunity).

The "Council" will be the steering committee, responsible for choosing and prioritizing features for the framework. An interim council is being formed now, with five CI community members from different backgrounds joining me. We should have a plan in place by the end of October (oh boy, another tweet coming!). We will be looking to the CI community to propose and debate future directions for the framework, which will then feed into our planning.

What About Those Students?

How do the "dreaded" students fit into all of this? My main course is webapp development, using CodeIgniter, and I plan to encourage my better students to get more deeply involved in the project even this year, but by contributing on the same basis as everyone else in the CI community.

For the longer term, I am immersing myself in devops so that I can teach it to my students. One of my goals is to build instructional materials to incorporate into my webapp course and projects next year, and possibly into a devops course for our students before they embark on
industry-sponsored projects. My hope is that this can bring substantial effort to bear on the next generation of CodeIgniter. Idea

CodeIgniter's New Life - What's Next?

The council needs to decide what remains to be done in order to finalize CodeIgniter 3, so that we can roll out the long-awaited version.
We are not ready to announce a release date yet, but it is closer than it was a few months ago!
James Parry
Project Lead

good further for codeigniter!
Q&A for Codeigniter
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Thank you guys for taking the responsibility. I was so worried when EllisLab announced they want to hand it over to other. I was sad because CI is the only framework i know how to use on top of that i love its simplicity and power.

Best wishes for new CI. waiting for more powerful CI 3x.

This is so exciting! Really looking forward to the future of CI Smile

hoping Version 3,Come on.

This really breaths some fresh air into the project. I've built the SharpEdge CMS on codeigniter, and was starting to think Version 4 of my cms would be on a new framework, but it looks as though maybe codeigniter still has a shot. Smile Codeigniter's simple approach is why I love it so much.
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Mmm sound good...

We should also focus on tutorials.
Laracasts.com is a great website, and I think is one of the reasone why laravel is popular.
CodeIgniter should have a dedicated site(a subdomain, maybe) full with tutorials(text+video) for CodeIgniter and PHP. This site should also be "community-driven", tutorials free for everyone.

@jpl there you could publish your course from bcit.

(10-23-2014, 05:53 AM)GeorgeD Wrote: We should also focus on tutorials.

I totally agree. One of CodeIgniter's strengths that sets it apart from many other frameworks is its excellent documentation. It's very easy to get started with CI. Lets build upon that with tutorials that follows agreed upon best-practices. This fits perfect with BCIT being CI's steward. Hopefully more higher educational institutions will follow and contribute.

In my opinion video tutorials are over rated when it comes to coding. Text plus images is far easier to follow.

Hello Mr. James Parry,

Nice to know about Codeigniter's new home.

Many congratulations. This is one of my favorite framework and would like to see flying.

Keep doing good job and let everybody know if any help is required.

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