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Should i choose 2.x or 3.x - Confused

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3.0 is 99% done but the sessions drivers are being updated. I'm waiting for 3.0 to come out and be fully tested before moving over my app to 3.0. I use memcached on AWS and would like to have CI work hand in hand with that.

Use 3.0

I would recommend CI 3.0 dev.

The upgrade when the release comes out will be a matter of replacing a couple of folders (system) and updating a few small bits (sessions).

The upgrade path will be much smaller and much simpler.

I have switched my new work to CI 3.0. The upgrade from CI 2.2.0 was simple and straightforward, but a little fiddly.

The new function in CI 3 will be definitely worth the effort.

Go for CI 3

Here you can check all the comparison between CodeIgniter 2 vs CodeIgniter 3

(04-06-2016, 11:24 PM)ChrisHardy Wrote: Here you can check all the comparison between CodeIgniter 2 vs CodeIgniter 3

This article is so lame it's painful to read ...

Comparing the two is pointless; version 3 = version 2 with a lot of improvements.

Here are features of version 3 that also merit to be mentioned:
- The MIT license;
- A set of language translations, supported by the team.

The mentioned above article is hard for reading, indeed. It has the date "March 23, 2016". But comparison is worthless anymore, the version 2 is not supported since October 2015.

Yeah, the version 2 is not supported and has security bugs already.
If you choose v2, you must maintain it all by yourself.

If you care about security,
1. Choose v3
2. Choose v2, and fix security bugs by yourself

LOL - The above article ends with "call us to see which version of CI is best for your website"

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