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Css Issues


I know its not Codeigniter related but can anyone help me with my css issues it displays fine in Firefox and chrome but not in IE 6,7 and I dont know how to fix it?

My first suggestion was to make the CSS valid, but it already is
In which case, you might need to do some IE hacks

If you've used Firebug in firefox, there's now a lite edition which is a bookmarklet (available here
That might help you narrow down the problem a bit

[eluser]Yorick Peterse[/eluser]
First of all, drop support for IE6, it's 8 years old and possibly the worst browser ever. First thing I should do is fixing your markup:


I'd also suggest using a CSS reset, and then adding your own CSS to it. A CSS reset should allow you to start designing on a fairly even playing field.


You should also NEVER use the <center> tag. It's deprecated and not necessary. As long as you're not operating in quirks mode, IE6 & 7 will both allow you to "margin: auto" an element to make it centered. I don't like IE6 either, but as 25% of internet users are still on it you should make sure your site at least works with it, and your design has nothing that would make IE6 compatibility anything difficult.

Sadly, none of those things will fix your broken design. I perused through your markup and stylesheet and I must say, I'm NOT happy! ;-P

I would suggest going back to the drawing board... OR ... post your PSD and I will slice it for you, nice and clean.


Here is my PSD
Thanks for your help

Hi, the PSD is to large to attach

You can upload it to somewhere like http://mediafire.com or http://freefilehosting.net and post a link to it.


I have posted the PSD http://www.mediafire.com/?vhimnjjsouy

[eluser]Chris Williams[/eluser]
I don't agree that you should drop ie6 support. Since this site will most likely be viewed by your family members (grandparents?) I wouldn't assume they all have the latest greatest in web browsers.

Have you considered working within a predefined framework? I know that would mean rewriting your page, but as most of your content is set, I think the work would be minimal.

I've found that YUI grids are really good accommodating most common layouts.

And since its been tested against all browsers, you would just need to worry about your styling.

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